Role: Art Director, Copywriter and Strategist
Why are we advertising?
To introduce the Ty Nant to younger generation.

Who are we talking to?
Young Adults age 22-30 y.o.

What do they currently think?
“I’ve never heard of Ty Nant. I think my parents drink it in posh restaurants.”

What would we like them to think?
“Ty Nant is cool to hold in your hand and is super premium mineral water.”

What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey?
If you drink Ty Nant, you are contemporary and sophisticated.

Why should they believe it?
Ty Nant is stocked in many if the world’s most exclusive hotels and establishments and its internationally famed for its award winning clean refreshing taste.

Are there any creative guidelines?
Brand personality: sleek sophisticated, global appeal.
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