Role: Art Director, Copywriter & Strategist
This is a Finals project for Digital Imaging 3. Our task is to create a poster series to a company where we have to incorporate the company's style and culture to the poster we are going to make. 
I have chosen Google because I love working on colors. I think Google is very playful with their designs.
First Draft
Above is the first draft/pitch of the project.
The feedback that I got are to play more with the layout and consider of using grids.

First Version of the Project
Feedback: Although they like that background colors that I have used, they are not sure about the missing letters of the logo if it will communicate well with the audience.

2nd Version of the Project
After reconsidering the feedback and decided to have a new layout, I have decided to play along with the Google logo on their search page screen. My reason for doing this is because I want to have a clever idea that when you use Google search engine, they already know what you are looking, exactly what Google is.

Below you can see that I created this pages and incorporated to different devices.
Feedback: They like this version very much and it is communicating very well. I just have to add a call to action and be more playful if I can.

Final Version of the Project
With the last feedback that I have received, I thought of how can I make it more playful and make it more Google.
I have decided to  add things that we have in our home, room or in our desk. As well I incorporated the Android Operating System names to the poster which are Cupcake, Donut and Honeycomb.
I also added a button for my call to action. Which I think really works well. 
Feedback: They love the playfulness of the posters which clearly speaks the company.
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